Lydia Benhama

Lydia Benhama
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Lydia Benhama

Starting in early childhood, Lydia Benhama felt a passion for insects, nature and animals. Her curiosity and her concern for their well-being still intact, she decided to change course in her studies in 2008, shifting from administration to a certificate in ecology, and going on to take a bachelor’s degree in biology at UQÀM. She joined the Insectarium’s animation team in the summer of 2012. Her passion, her love and her curiosity for the insect world just keep getting bigger. Whether in her work or in her studies, Lydia has a deep desire to transmit and to share, by way of science popularization, a vision that both contemplates and is filled with admiration for the richness and beauty of this world that surrounds us.

Lydia Benhama is an animator at the Insectarium.

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