Mario Bonneau

Mario Bonneau
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Mario Bonneau

A biologist by training, Mario Bonneau loves ecology, in particular the insect kind. An employee of the Insectarium for 17 years, he worked as a guide for close to 10 of them before spending two years as an entomological-information officer. Since 2010 Mario has been part of the team responsible for the wellbeing and proliferation of the species presented to the public. He’s what could be called an “insect breeder.” Since his very beginnings with the team, he’s continuously developed his skills in hosting and in conveying his knowledge of, and interest in, nature. Which he practices as much at the Insectarium as in his day-to-day life: “Now that I’m the father of two wonderful children, I’m convinced more than ever that safeguarding nature is everyone’s concern – including, and above all, mine!”

Mario Bonneau is an entomological technician at the Insectarium de Montréal.

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