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Atta Ants

Atta Ants
Photo: cc flickr (usdagov)

The Insectarium showcases insects whose survival depends on the community, and on the clearly defined role of each individual.

Atta ants are among the species that have attained the highest level of social organization in the animal kingdom.

All for one, one for all!

Co-operation and communication are two key aspects of social insects' lives. “United we stand, divided we fall,” as the saying goes – but what is the secret of insects' amazing ability to work and live together?

Life inside the nest: Collective intelligence

Ants are experts at working together to solve problems. Interactions between individuals add up to co-ordinated behaviour by the colony as a whole, to find the shortest route to a food source or to build a nest!

Incredible Atta ants

They are so tiny. They look so frail. And yet they build such spectacular structures! Their complex and efficient teamwork is fascinating. Leafcutter ants (Atta sp.) carry out their gardening activities before your eyes: picking leaves to nourish the fungus on which they feed, maintaining the nest, defending the colony ... See them in action!

Here's a video by Ants Canada on the Insectarium's ant colony.


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