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Bird Garden

Bird garden

Are you enchanted by birdsong? Would you like to invite birds into your garden? Create a space where they’ll be able to settle in and raise their young by selecting suitable plants and opting for species that are native to Québec.


For your Bird Garden to be certified, you must at least meet the three mandatory criteria listed below:

  1. Put in plants that allow birds to be protected from bad weather and predators: trees, shrubs, hedges or vegetation in clumps.
  2. Provide a variety of food sources in all seasons (diversity of plant species producing fruit or seeds) and a clean, shallow water source.
  3. Maintain your garden in an ecologically friendly way: choose suitable plants, feed seedlings with compost, use water wisely, be tolerant in the face of pest or disease problems, and so on.

Further recommendations:

  • Create a safe area for birds by keeping cats out of the garden, if possible, and by marking windows;
  • Use native plants, which will attract native fauna. Replace exotic plants with species from here, as needed.
  • Add bird feeders or suet cages to provide a complementary source of food.
  • Reduce lawn surface and increase flower bed areas.

Did you know that …

With carefully-chosen plants, you can provide a food source for birds throughout the year.

By attracting native birds, indigenous plants can reduce the presence of non-native species such as starlings and house sparrows.

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