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You can buy a My Space for Life Garden certification sign
Photo: Espace pour la vie

The 2017 certification period has now ended. Thank you for participating. Back on May 15th!

Be proud of your garden and join the movement!

You can now certify your garden, it's free!

By committing to create a garden that meets the criteria set out by the program, you can have your effort to protect biodiversity recognized. To do this, simply fill out the certification registration form and send photos that illustrate compliance with the criteria. Your photos will be used for the certification.  You will receive your certification by email and your pictures will be posted in the picture gallery and some could be used to illustrate the program.

Show your commitment

Are you convinced that every action counts? Show your colours and buy a My Space for Life Garden certification sign and put it up in your garden or in front of your house. In doing so, you’ll also be donating to the Space for Life Foundation!

Certification is free, so buying a sign is not required. If you like, you can order and put  up your sign now even if you are still waiting for certification. Once your garden is certified, we will send you a sticker to put on the sign. The sign costs $30 and has three certification spaces, so it can be kept for three years.

You can order your sign on the secure Space for Life Foundation website, which supports this program along with a number of activities relating to species conservation, natural sciences education and biodiversity research at the Montréal Botanical Garden, Insectarium, Biodôme, and Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium.

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