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You can buy a My Space for Life Garden certification sign
Photo: Espace pour la vie

This year, the certification period for Mon Jardin will be
from August 1st to September 30th. 

Show your pride in your garden

By committing yourself to creating a garden that meets the program criteria, you can receive recognition for your efforts to protect biodiversity. Just complete the certification registration form and submit it with photos showing that your garden meets the criteria. We’ll email you a certificate, and your photos will be posted in the “Gardenaut Gallery”. Since your photos will be used to certify your garden, the certification period is in late summer, when your garden will be at its best. 

Criteria vary depending on the certification you’ll be asking for, and are spelled out on the profile page for each garden. Here they are in brief summaries:

  • Biodiversity garden: must include a diversity of plants that attract beneficial wildlife (pollinators, butterflies, birds).
  • Bird garden: must offer shelter (trees, shrubs, hedges or flowerbeds), a varied source of food (plants, feeders) and a source of water (e.g., birdbath).
  • Monarch oasis: must have milkweed.
  • Edible garden: must contain a diversity of edible plants and a diversity of plants that provide food for beneficial wildlife (pollinators, butterflies, birds).

Show your commitment

Once your garden has been certified, you can get a My Space for Life Garden certification sign!

The Espace pour la vie Foundation supports the program and offers signs you can put up in your garden to show that it has been certified. In subsequent years, just ask for a sticker to update your sign once your garden is certified. There are three spots for stickers on the sign, so you can use it for three years.

* The number of signs is limited, so participants’ names for this season will be entered in a draw.

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