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Citizen participation

Photo: Mathieu Rivard

Space for Life invites the public to take part in the movement. By positioning themselves as a Space for Life, the Biodôme, Jardin botanique, Insectarium and Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan have made a commitment to share their vast heritage and knowledge with the public. Together, they have initiated a movement and invite citizens to take an active role in it by understanding the notion of interdependence that allows biodiversity to exist, by appreciating the services that nature provides, by changing their lifestyles and by spreading the word themselves. Citizens are invited to co-create Space for Life through their own actions.

Following a co-creation and consultation process in the fall of 2012 involving over 60 people in various groups – citizens, institutional partners, employees and community organizations – the Montréal Space for Life confirmed its commitment to community involvement by adopting a charter of citizen participation.

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