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A Photo Safari in the Tropical Rainforest - How Does the Story End?

  • Biodôme
Students come up with an ending for the story Unau the Explorer Makes Some Discoveries
Photo: Biodôme

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Description of the activity

Students come up with an ending for the story Unau the Explorer Makes Some Discoveries, based on 12 illustrations. They glue them into a notebook to make a story in which anything is possible-they can let their imaginations run wild. They can do this either aloud or in writing, on their own or as a group.

Equipment needed by the student

  • Copies of the activity sheets
  • Crayons

Equipment necessary for the teacher

  • Printer


Make enough copies of the activity sheets, one for each child.

Refresher course

  • Talk to your students about the character they will be meeting (the explorer-photographer).
  • Ask the students whether they think Québec's climate is similar to that of the tropical rainforest (where it is hot and humid year-round).
  • Ask them to name some animals living in the Tropical Rainforest at the Biodôme, and to say whether these animals are mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians or fish. Why? Refer to the Mix and Match game.
    Mammals: Are covered with hair and nurse their young, e.g., Canada lynx.
    Birds: Are covered with feathers and lay eggs.
    : Are covered with scales and lay their eggs on the ground.
    Amphibians: Live on dry land and in water, have moist skin with no scales and lay their eggs in the water or on moist ground.
    Fish: Live and lay their eggs in the water; are generally covered with scales, and breathe with gills.

Category of activity

  • Preparatory activity

Sub-category of activity

  • Class activity

Grade level

  • Elementary cycle one

Number of students per group

Individual activity


45 minutes

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