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Is it possible to participate in community projects in partnership with the Jardin botanique?

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Unfortunately, although the idea is commendable, the Jardin botanique cannot participate in this type of activity. We are frequently solicited, but our resources are not sufficient to allow us to participate. Since the Garden was dissociated administratively from urban horticulture, we only produce plants in small quantities for our own needs and they are usually collection plans. We no longer provide specimens to organizations for urban planting because this no longer corresponds to our mission, and our facilities are not equipped to produce plants for these purposes.

However, you may be able to contact the horticultural division of your borough through your Accès Montréal office or your ecoquartier. One of these groups may be able to participate in your project. Your borough’s city councillor may be able to point you in the right direction as well. While the city still has a nursery for its own needs, it has reduced its activities considerably in recent years.

There is also an organization called Evergreen that helps schools landscape their schoolyards. You’ll find more details on their Web site.

A list of plants (trees, shrubs and climbing plants) is also available for Québec.

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