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Frequently Asked Questions – My Garden

  • Does it cost anything to take part in the program?
    Participation in the My Space for Life Garden program is completely free of charge.
  • Can I create a bird garden AND a monarch oasis at home?
    Nature is a wonderful thing: monarchs are not edible for birds. Milkweed – the monarch’s food plant – synthesizes substances that are toxic to most animals, which build up in the fat tissue of the caterpillars and adult butterflies, making them indigestible to birds. You can therefore create a garden for birds at the same time as a haven for monarchs.
  • How does the certification process work?
    Once you have submitted your application and photos to the certification program, they will be assessed by specialists from the Montréal Space for Life to determine whether your garden meets the criteria for the garden you have chosen to create. If your garden satisfies the program’s requirements, you will receive an email confirming your certification. You will then be sent a certificate attesting to your success.
  • What type of photos should I submit to have my garden certified?
    For certification, you must submit a minimum of two photos of your garden – and a maximum of three. Your pictures should show the whole garden and at least one of the required criteria for the type of garden you have chosen. Photos should be in landscape (horizontal) format and no larger than 8 MB. You may send them in JPG, GIF or PNG format. Note that we cannot use portrait (vertical) format photos on the Space for Life website.
  • What is the deadline to enrol in the certification program?
    In 2018, the certification period for Mon Jardin will be from August 1st to September 30th. We cannot accept applications after this deadline has passed.
  • If I don’t have Internet access, can I apply another way?
    Since we ask people to send photos of their garden as proof towards their certification, we unfortunately can only accept applications made via the Space for Life website.
  • If I live outside Montréal, can I still take part in the My Space for Life Garden program?
    Yes, the My Space for Life Garden program is open to all residents of Québec.
  • I don’t have a garden, but I would still like to take part in the My Space for Life Garden program by having plants on my balcony. Is that possible?
    Of course. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still create a space for biodiversity – a bird garden or a monarch oasis on a balcony, in a courtyard or in front of your house. Numerous solutions involving potted plants can help you adapt the program to the area you have available.
  • Do I have to buy the $30 sign to receive certification?
    No. Certification does not depend on buying a sign. Signs are available to those who wish to tell others about the action they have taken to promote biodiversity and their commitment to the My Space for Life Garden program. Proceeds from the sale of these signs go to support this program and the Space for Life Foundation.
  • How long is the certification valid for?
    The certification is valid for one year. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a sticker to be placed on your certification sign to indicate the year for which it is valid.
  • Do I have to buy a new sign every year?
    The sign associated with each theme garden is good for three years. You therefore do not have to buy a new one each year unless you decide to change the theme of your garden.
  • Where should I place the certification sign I have purchased?
    The sign has holes at the top and bottom so it can be nailed or affixed to a wooden stake and planted in your garden or in front of your home. Or you may choose to affix the sign to a fence or other surface.
  • Is the My Space for Life Garden program open to corporate gardens, community gardens and green roofs?
    At the moment, the My Space for Life Garden program is open only to individuals. If you are a company or organization interested in creating a Space for Life garden, please feel free to drop us a line using the Contact us form.
  • Can I certify a vegetable garden?
    Yes, if it meets the criteria of at least one of the types of garden covered by the program.

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