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Insect of the Agapostemon genus in a purple flower
Photo: Insectarium de Montréal (André Payette)

How Plants Reproduce classroom kit

Grade 5 to grade 8 (elementary cycle 3 and secondary cycle 1)

This kit includes all kinds of multidisciplinary projects. It comes in two separate cases, with 17 activities. It targets the core learnings relating to several aspects of the living world in the Science and Technology section of the Quebec Education Program. In French only.

Part 1

Theme 1: Flowers
Lots of activities on the theme of flowers, their roles, their diversity and how they reproduce. You can even incorporate a bit of language and history, with the story of the War of the Roses, the historic 15th-century conflict over the English throne.

Theme 2: Pollination
An activity where you get to have fun matching up ideal couples—flowers and pollinators. Then find out how the amount of pollen suspended in the air varies over the course of the summer. Surf the Internet to discover how pollen counts are measured and observe pollen under an electron microscope.

Theme 3: Fertilization, from flowers to fruit
Two activities to have fun uncovering the mysteries of how plants are fertilized. Some extraterrestrials are keen to find out how flowering plants on our planet reproduce. But they sometimes get mixed up in their observations. By growing and caring for a flowering plant, you can observe its complete life cycle.

Part 2

Theme 4: Fruit and seeds
Four fun experiments about fruit and seeds. Create an identification key for a grab bag of seeds, calculate and measure the volume of a seed and turn your class into a laboratory to test the viability of barley seeds.

Theme 5: Reproducing without flowers
Take a private tour of the Botanical Garden production greenhouses and discover the secrets of vegetative reproduction. Become growers for the day and try your hand at different propagation techniques.

Theme 6: Humans and plant reproduction
Should we be pursuing research into GMOs? Compare several selected varieties of corn with the original plant. A look at how humans modify plants. Then have fun as you wrap up this theme by learning all about in-vitro culture, and grow your own test-tube strawberries.


Rental period: 4 weeks

Cost: $80, transportation & handling extra

Information and rentals: 514 872-7959

All About Trees classroom kit

Grade 3 to grade 5 (elementary cycle 2 and grade 5)

This classroom kit offers an attractive, concrete approach to three different themes: trees’ characteristics, their growth and what they are used for. This kit is free when you reserve an educational activity at the Frédéric Back Tree Pavilion (Elementary cycles 2 and 3), transportation and handling extra.


Rental period: 2 weeks

Cost: $40, transportation & handling extra

Information and rentals: 514 872-6824

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