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Common winterberry

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Common winterberry
Photo: Gilles Murray



Origin and description

Shrub native to Québec. In the spring, this holly is adorned with pretty white flowers, but it is at its most spectacular in the autumn: the female plants bear a host of bright-red little fruit that persists after the leaves fall. The fruit is consumed by birds and is also used in floral arrangements.

Height: 1 to 2 m
Width: 75 cm to 2 m
Flowering: white, May to June
Fruiting: red, in the fall
Attractions for wildlife: attracts birds and pollinators

Common name

Common winterberry

Latin name (genus)

Ilex verticillata

French common name

Botanical family

  • Aquifoliaceae

Growing conditions

Exposure: sun, semi-shade
Soil type: cool or moist, rich, acidic
Observation: both male and female plants have to be cultivated for there to be fruit


  • Zone 3

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