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Harlequin blue flag

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  • Annuals, perennials and bulbs
Iris versicolor
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Gilles Murray)



Origin and description

Perennial native to Québec. This magnificent iris is the floral emblem of Québec. It grows in damp environments, but can be also be cultivated in an ordinary flowerbed if the soil is kept fresh.

Height: 60 to 90 cm
Width: 50 cm
Blooms: blue-violet marked with yellow and white, June to July
Attraction for wildlife: attracts pollinators

Common name

Harlequin blue flag

Latin name (genus)

Iris versicolor

French common name

Botanical family

  • Iridaceae

Growing conditions

Exposure: sun, semi-shade
Soil type: rich, fresh, damp or soggy


  • Zone 2

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