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History of the Biodôme

The Montréal Biodôme was created in the old velodrome from the 1976 Summer Olympic Games
Photo: Biodôme de Montréal (Arnaud Lanceman)

The Biodôme officially opened on June 19, 1992.

From the velodrome to the Biodôme

The Montréal Biodôme was created by the city and the Olympic Installations Board in the velodrome from the 1976 Summer Olympic Games. Here’s a short history:


Feasibility study


Official announcement and teams hired


Concept defined and plans drawn up

Infrastructure and engineering work


Work continued

Plants and animals located


In March: Plants arrived and were acclimatized

March to June: Animals arrived and were acclimatized

June 18-19: Official opening!

An important role in conservation of endangered species

In 1994, the Biodôme was accepted as a participant in the Species Survival Plan (SSP), supervised by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA). Since then, it has provided a home for breeding pairs of little monkeys from the Amazon forest (Goeldi’s monkeys, golden lion tamarins and cotton-top tamarins) and a species of parakeet from northern Brazil, the hyacinth macaw.

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