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Jean Lemire


1000 Days for the Planet

(Wednesday, May 21, 2014) Biologist and filmmaker Jean Lemire is pursuing his 1000 Days for the Planet mission – a voyage seeking to document the beauty and incredible diversity of the Earth’s species. This is an opportunity to observe the state of the biosphere and our relationship to it as humans

As a witness to many wonderful stories, but also to too many tragedies that demonstrate our lack of understanding of nature, Jean Lemire shares some of his most moving experiences and his insights, which can evolve over time and with different encounters.

The lecture will be followed by a visit to the mission’s base camp and a live chat with the boat’s crew.

About the speaker

A biologist by training, Jean Lemire has been sailing the seven seas for a few decades now. The multi-award-winning documentary filmmaker teamed up with some like-minded dreamers and converted an old trawler into a veritable production studio. The oceanographic schooner Sedna IV became the flagship of his fabulous documentary series “Mission Arctic” (2002) and “Mission Baleines” (2004).

In 2005, he set out to explore the last continent, on “Mission Antarctica.” It became one of the greatest expeditions of modern times – 430 days of sailing, isolation and adventures with the goal of increasing awareness of the effects of climate change.

In 2012, he launched his “1000 Days for the Planet” series, a three-year round-the-world voyage to document the human impact on biodiversity.

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