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Montréal Space for Life is the largest natural science museum complex in Canada. By 2019, four major projects will have been developed, creating constantly evolving and changing spaces for life.

As Montreal's 375th anniversary approaches

The Insectarium Metamorphosis, the Biodôme Migration and two other major Space for Life projects are a legacy for Montrealers, for the planet and for future generations.

At a time when the issues the planet is facing, especially those related to the loss of biodiversity, raise the question of the relevance of our modern lifestyles, Space for Life, which is rooted in these unique institutions whose reputation and credibility are recognized both locally and internationally, has a fundamental role to play.

These two projects – characterized by their uniqueness, both in terms of architecture and design and the memorable and distinctive experiences they offer visitors – will let Space for Life truly play its role by inviting citizens to reconnect with nature and invent new ways of living. Reflecting a multidisciplinary vision wherein the architectural gesture emerges from a global creative approach, a bold architectural design will create living spaces that are permeable, ecological and evolving, while meeting the highest green building standards.

The Insectarium metamorphosis Biodôme Migration
The Insectarium's metamorphosis The Biodôme Migration

Completed projects 

Biodiversity Centre Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium
Biodiversity Centre  Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium

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