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Rockhopper penguin (Eudyptes chrysocome).
Photo: Biodôme de Montréal (Ken Fallu)

Education, conservation and research

Nature is complex, beautiful and vulnerable. Through its representation of four ecosystems, the Biodôme strives to deliver an essential message: we are all part of nature and we can help protect it. The Biodôme also does its part to reach this goal through education, conservation and scientific research.


The Biodôme provides the general public and school groups with all kinds of tools and environments for exploring: the ecosystems, of course, but also the Naturalia discovery room, temporary exhibitions, nature interpreters along the pathways, educational activities, day camps, publications and more.


The Biodôme is committed to the well-being of the thousands of living plants and animals it houses. In presenting them to the public, it respects a strict code of ethics. The institution also participates in national and international programs to promote the reproduction of endangered species and safeguard fragile natural habitats.

Scientific research

The Biodôme's ecosystems are ideal 'laboratories' for scientific studies. Its research team works on a number of projects in important areas relating to biodiversity and sustainable development. In fact, a number of discoveries have been made right at the Biodôme, including a new species of acarid, and others in the field - staff members also conduct marine and land-based research in Québec and South America.

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