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Monarchs Without Borders

Danaus plexippus.
Photo: Insectarium de Montréal (André Sarrazin)

The registration period for the 2016 Monarchs Without Borders kits has ended.

Help save monarch butterflies by getting a Monarchs Without Borders monarch-raising kit from the Montréal Insectarium. You can experience the pleasures of observation while participating in an international research and conservation project. You don’t need to be a specialist to raise butterflies. You just need to take care of the caterpillars and chrysalids for 21 days. Becoming an “adoptive parent” to monarch butterflies is an amazing experience!

The monarch-raising kit includes all the materials needed to observe the metamorphosis of four caterpillars and two chrysalids. Once the butterflies emerge, you can tag and release them so that they can make their incredible journey to Mexico. By doing so, you’ll be taking part in the Monarch Watch research program at the University of Kansas, where researcher Orley “Chip” Taylor’s team is studying the migration of monarchs.

Useful information

Monarch raising begins in September and can be done at home or in class.

You must pick-up your kit at the beginning of September, on a specific date.

Each kit includes:

  • 4 live caterpillars and 2 live chrysalids
  • A potted milkweed plant (to feed the caterpillars)
  • Monarch Watch stickers to tag butterflies
  • Privileged access to a monarch-raising Web site

For more information, call 514 872-7077, or send an e-mail to

The cost of the kit is $80. New participants are required to obtain the portable butterfly tent at $20.

The Montréal Insectarium’s involvement

Just after it opened, the Insectarium decided to invest in saving monarchs by creating the Monarchs Without Borders program, which unites research and education. The project aims to educate the public (especially children) about the beauty and fragility of nature, while helping them realize that they have the power to change things. 

Tagged butterflies found all along their migratory route or at their wintering locations will provide important data for research. Since one researcher can’t do the job alone, Monarchs Without Borders participants make all the difference!

Order your Monarch Without Borders kit online!

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