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Monarch Oasis


Trying to help pollinators, birds and other wildlife. I have always enjoyed gardening and the birds, butterflies and bees it has attracted. Three years ago, I started common milkweed seeds and for the first time this year have had eggs on the plants!
Then I bought a book "Bringing Nature Home", by Douglas W. Tallamy and wanted to learn more about biodiversity in my yard and garden so will be getting rid of some alien plants and putting in more natives to encourage and help more wildlife that are already attracted.
My gardens this year have been a great example of what can be attracted. I have seen at least five different butterfly species, a hummingbird clearwing moth, three or four species of bees and a Monarch visiting often - today two males were seen here together. I assume they are now migrating as they didn't chase each other like two were about 12 days ago, assume claiming a prime territory waiting for a female to show up.

Garden location

Dollard des Ormeaux