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  • June 22, 2017

The Pathway to Phytotechnologies at the Botanical Garden

  • Jardin botanique
Pathway to Phytotechnologies - Filtering marshes and green roof
Photo: Espace pour la vie

Putting our plants to work!

Starting in 2018, thousands of live plants will begin silently working to demonstrate solutions to different environmental problems and actually solve some such problems themselves. Over the next six years, a huge natural testing ground will use phytotechnologies to preserve biodiversity at the Botanical Garden, improve air, water and soil quality and help protect various natural habitats. All these bold green solutions have been developed by scientists from the Botanical Garden and the Institut de recherche en biologie végétale (IRBV). 

Phytotechnologies are simpler than it seems

At the seven stations along the Pathway, visitors will learn about the fabulous powers of plants and their revolutionary ecological multitasking. Through demonstrations, visitor activities and models, they’ll see phytotechnologies in action and make connections with their own lives. We hope they’ll be inspired to apply these green solutions at home, at work or in the community.

The Space for Life Foundation  is proud to partner with the city to finance Pathway to Phytotechnologies at the Botanical Garden.

Take a close look at the seven stations along the Pathway to Phytotechnologies at the Botanical Garden. You’ll see that nature will be busy in coming years!

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