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Group packages: "À la carte" + Montréal Tower

Visit the Montréal Tower and 2 sites of your choice
Agora at the Insectarium with the Montréal Tower in the background
Photo: André Rider

Explore two sites of your choice, plus the famous Montréal Tower!

Biodôme or Botanical Garden/Insectarium or Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium + Montréal Tower

From the brightly coloured parrots in the Biodôme’s Tropical Rainforest to the splendid blooms in the Botanical Garden’s Rose Garden, you won’t know where to look next. At the Insectarium, brilliant scarab beetles sparkle like precious gems. At the Planetarium, look up at the stars and be transported to the edge of the universe; at the Tower, the look down is just as breathtaking!

Duration of the visit

Minimum 5 hours


This package is valid during the Montréal Tower and Space for Life's regular hours of operation.

Please note that the Montréal Tower will be closed from January 5 to February 21, 2018.

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