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Pascal Picq


Looking at Humans from a Different Angle – a lecture in French

(Tuesday, November 8, 2011) What are humans? This is the question that renowned French paleoanthropologist and author Pascal Picq will address in one of the thought-provoking lectures offered by the Space for Life as part of its Lecture Series. He feels that human beings are an invention of mankind. That we share a common evolutionary heritage, but that Homo sapiens is not actually human. He says that we have in fact invented the idea of human beings, but are not yet human ourselves and will not be until we look at the world around us with humanity.

Pascal Picq invites us to rethink our relationship with each other and with nature by showing us how paleoanthropology is an essential discipline if we are to understand the issues involved in evolution, with Homo sapiens as one of the players. Our speaker will share his thoughts on the importance of re-examining our species’ place and how we can do that. Thanks to our evolutionary success we have come to dominate the Earth to such an extent that we are now responsible for it.

Books by Pascal Picq will be available at the Jardin botanique gift shop during the event.

Professor Picq’s lecture in Montréal has received financial support from the Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle of the Consulate General of France in Quebec City.

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