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Pierre Rabhi

Pierre Rabhi.
Photo: Espace pour la vie (Fanny Dion)

Réconcilier l'humain et la nature – a lecture in French

April 22, 2010  

How can we reconcile humanity with nature? According to Pierre Rabhi, this ethical question requires us to think intelligently about life, to act conscientiously and co-operatively. The beauty of life and nature must re-emerge, sparking joy and wonder and fostering change in the world.

Penser et vivre autrement – a lecture in French 

April 28, 2010 

Pierre Rabhi advocates a paradigm shift, one where humanity and nature are the central focus. He reminds us that if humans themselves don’t change, they won’t be able to change the world in any lasting way. He offers a vision of a simpler, happier lifestyle, one that respects the planet’s limitations. The time for simplicity and degrowth is now.  


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