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Projet Sol: A restaurant serving social economics


The Montréal Space for Life is taking advantage of the end of the operating lease on the restaurants serving the Biodôme and the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan to launch an ambitious social economic project. Projet Sol is a new professional integration venture created to provide food services to the Montréal Space for Life institutions. Half of Projet Sol employees come from professional integration programs.

Projet Sol: Coming together for integration

The project’s name is drawn from a range of sources, bringing various elements together: the Sun (Soleil) of the planetarium, the soil (sol) of the Biodôme, service based on solidarity, and the key of “so” (sol) to represent harmony between humans and nature.

A project in two phases

In the first phase of the project – from November 2013 to November 2014 – the Projet Sol points of service will be operated by Groupe PART, an organization that promotes integration in the Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie district.

In the second phase – beginning in November 2014 – Projet Sol will become a consortium of several socio-professional integration food services ventures from the Montréal region, under the umbrella of the Collectif des entreprises d’insertion du Québec.

The great taste of sustainable development

This is the first project on such a scale at the Montréal Space for Life, bringing together the three components of sustainable development: environmental, social and economic.

With regard to the menu, the consortium will emphasize a more local flavour, with more organic and vegetarian choices, which is in keeping with the Montréal Space for Life’s environmental and sustainable development values.

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