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Rental conditions

The So many tales... Insects in human cultures travelling exhibition.
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Michel Tremblay)


Our exhibition size is 70 m² for We Are the Insects. Two versions are available for So Many Tales... Insects in Human Cultures: a smaller, 40 m² version and the full-size, 70 m² version. The exhibition components (modules, self-supporting columns, laminated panels, etc.) must be arranged to leave space for visitors and for wheelchairs. The host organization must provide a diagram of the room, for purposes of planning the exhibition layout. The lighting system is not included in the rental cost.

Rental and Transportation Costs

  • For the exhibition We Are the Insects, the rental cost is $4,500 for 6 weeks.
  • For the exhibition So Many Tales... Insects in Human Cultures the rental cost is $3,500 for 6 weeks. The exhibition can be rented for 3 months, for only $6,500.
  • The Insectarium will award the transportation contract to a firm of its choice.


The host organization is responsible for security and safeguarding the exhibition components. It must have third-party liability insurance and property insurance to cover losses or breakage of any components because of fire, theft or vandalism. In the event of breakage or an accident, the host organization must immediately inform the Montréal Insectarium and complete an incident report.


To rent an exhibition, simply fill out the reservation form and contact the Insectarium staff. Requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. A letter of confirmation will then be sent to the host organization.

Reception and Set-up

A representative of the host organization must be present to receive the exhibition components and follow up on all the steps involved. A museology technician from the Insectarium will supervise the setting up.

Advertising and Promotion

The host organization is responsible for publicizing and promoting the exhibition for the target audience and in the regional media. The Montréal Insectarium and the Friends of the Insectarium must be mentioned on all information and publicity materials and at the exhibition site. The Insectarium will provide press releases and posters.

Attendance and Promotion Reports

So that we can evaluate the success of the exhibition and analyze the contents of our displays, we ask that host organizations complete attendance and promotion reports. The person in charge of the exhibition should fill out these reports and send them to the Insectarium, with photocopies of any press clippings.


The host organization is responsible for maintaining the exhibition. A maintenance agreement is provided for this purpose.


Some of our exhibitions feature live insects, so staff must be available for daily maintenance duties. The museology technician will give brief training on site.

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