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Station 3 - Living plant walls

Station 3 - Living plant walls

Controlling air, soil and noise pollution

Ever since urbanization began its exponential growth, stress, fatigue, toxic air and noise have had a significant impact on health, productivity and well-being in the workplace, in the community and at home.

Living or green walls clean the air, are naturally beautiful and make temperatures and noise levels more comfortable. They can be built quickly using such simple, natural materials as wood, soil and plants.

Living walls bring down noise levels and significantly reduce the summer temperatures of façades. In the winter, they provide insulation from the wind and cold. On a city-wide scale, green walls cool the air through evapotranspiration, a result of plant transpiration.

Did you know that...

In Québec, noise-abating green walls designed and built in part by the Botanical Garden’s Michel Labrecque have made an appearance along highways in the Montréal suburbs.

The Pathway to Phytotechnologies and its Living Walls

A beautiful living plant wall along Pie-IX boulevard will serve as a natural sound and visual barrier, It will also clean the air, increase humidity levels and provide shelter for birds and insects.

This vertical ecosystem will be a haven of coolness, beauty and peace that enhances the urban landscape and awakens the senses.

Visitors will also enjoy all year round the benefits of an indoor living wall in one of the Botanical Garden’s greenhouses.

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