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 Aquarelle Space for Life


You can access several of our museums on one pass: the more you visit, the more you save!  

Ticket valid for one year from date of purchase (except during the periods indicated). After your initial visit, you will have 60 days to use the other tickets included in your package.

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Choose from a visit to the Botanical Garden and the Insectairum, the Biodôme or the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. 


Butterflies Go Free

There are no colours in the dark. No orange monarchs. No brilliant blue morphos. But what a show sunlight brings! As the light strikes butterflies’ scales, it reveals their multi-coloured hues and the fabulous patterns on their wings. This colourful event gives us a close-up look at the microscopic structure of the scales on butterfly wings.


Since the dawn of time, people have been striving to control time, to speed it up or even stop it. But what is time, really? In this new show, the Chaos Theatre becomes a fantastic playground as this visual and musical experience skilfully explores the philosophical, scientific and artistic aspects of the very notion of time. Using fascinating images and a narrative featuring some surprising artistic performances, Vertiges takes us on a unique, captivating and disconcerting immersive experience.


Our modern lives are ruled by our watches and calendars. As we race against the clock, we lose sight of the connection between our concept of time and the cycles of the stars and planets. In Tempo, the Montréal sky becomes the starting point for a fabulous immersive voyage in search of the bonds between humans and nature.

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