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 Danaus plexippus, chrysalis

Botanical Garden and Insectarium

Butterflies Go Free, from February 20 to April 27.  Ticket valid one year from the date of purchase. Free access to the Outdoor gardens until May 14, 2014.

Female lynx with her young.


Ticket valid one year from the date of purchase. 


Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium

The visitor experience lasts approximately 90 minutes. Two shows are included in your ticket: Continuum and From the Earth to the Stars. When purchasing your ticket, please select the date and time of your first show only — that is, Continuum.

Not recommended for children under 7.

Planetarium show schedule

Watercolor - Space for Life


You can access several of our museums on one pass: the more you visit, the more you save!  

Ticket valid for one year from date of purchase (except during the periods indicated). After your initial visit, you will have 31 days to use the other tickets included in your package.

William G. Reed, Édouard François, Mario Cucinella, Stephen Kellert

Lecture on Architecture and Nature (April 23)

Mario Cucinella, Édouard François, Stephen Kellert, William G. Reed

Is it really true that architecture can help us reconnect with nature? How? Come hear what four international experts, members of the Space for Life architecture competition jury, have to say. 

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Tickets available on site

Serge Payette

Serge Payette's lecture (May 7)

Grands Espaces Nordiques

A look at the wealth of the vast ecosystems in Northern Quebec and how nature there is standing up to the passage of time. 

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Jean Lemire

Jean Lemire's lecture (May 21)

1,000 Days for the Planet

An opportunity to check in on the state of the biosphere and our relationship, as humans, with it. 

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