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Guided Tours

Guided tour for groups.
Photo: Michel Tremblay

Guided tours of the Garden 

Guided tours are available to groups visiting the Botanical Garden. For a private tour of the outdoor gardens or the greenhouses, you must be part of a group of five or more people and reserve the services of one of our volunteer guides at least one month in advance.

  • Tours are offered in French, English and Spanish.
  • Cost of the guided tour: $1 per person who paid the entrance fee.

This activity is made possible thanks to the Friends of the Montréal Botanical Garden.

Behind the Scenes guided tours at the Biodôme

A unique and fascinating tour where you can learn almost all of the Biodôme’s secrets.

Keeping all of the plants and animals healthy in very different ecosystems under one roof is quite a challenge! How does the Biodôme do it? Come and find out by exploring behind the scenes at the Biodôme with one of our guides! You’ll discover filtration and ventilation systems, the animal kitchen, the reproduction basins and all the equipment and accommodations needed for ecosystem maintenance in a controlled environment.

  • Duration: 60 minutes.
  • Capacity: 2 groups of 15 to 19 persons over age 15 per hour*.
  • Dates: Every day, at specific times and depending on availabilities (September to mid-June)
  • Admission: $65 extra per group of 15 to 19 persons. 

* Please let us know about your interests so we can offer activities adapted to your needs.

Reservations required for these activities.

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