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Francis Hallé

Francis Hallé
Photo: Espace pour la vie

Advocacy for the Tree

Thursday June 13, 2013, 7:30 p.m. (in French)

As part of the Space for Life Lecture Series, world renowned botanist Francis Hallé will give a talk entitled Plaidoyer pour l’arbre [Advocacy for the Tree] in the Montréal Botanical Garden auditorium.

Trees: An invaluable resource

“Nobody has exclusive ownership of trees. Trees deserve to be recognized as a common heritage of humankind, whose knowledge must be collective.” 1 During his talk, Francis Hallé will reveal some of the amazing feats of trees—their biochemical and genetic marvels, their ability to communicate with one another, and their sensitivity to the moon’s phases and variations in the earth’s magnetic field. He will also broach topics such as trees in urban environments and how they improve our lives.

A scientist in service of biodiversity

As a co-founder of the famous Radeau des Cimes canopy raft and leader of its expeditions until 2001, Francis Hallé has dedicated his life to researching tropical plants, particularly low-altitude rain forests, and carried out eight missions to study the canopy of equatorial forests. Author of the popular book Plaidoyer pour l’arbre [Advocacy for the Tree], Francis Hallé contributed to the film by Luc Jacquet entitled Il était une forêt [Once Upon a Forest], which was submitted to the 2013 Cannes Festival. 

Mr. Hallé’s lecture is made possible with the support of the Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle of the Consulate General of France in Québec.

1 Francis Hallé, Plaidoyer pour l’arbre, Éd. Actes Sud, Arles, 2005, 211 p.

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