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Space for Life – 5 total-immersion exploration experiences

The Space for Life blog makes it possible for you to regularly receive news from the Biodôme, the Biosphère, the Insectarium, the Botanical Garden and the Planétarium. Our blog is intended as a place of friendly exchange where nature lovers, insect buffs, avid gardeners and astronomy enthusiasts are invited to discover the latest news, to learn, to share, and to interact together.

Space for Life welcomes over 1.7 million visitors every year. You too can discover the world around you in a way you’ve never seen it before. Grouping together as it does the Biodôme, the Biosphère, the Insectarium, the Jardin botanique and the Planétarium Space for Life is an exceptional place to explore the thousand and one facets of life and nature in an unprecedented way. A living laboratory in which the infinitely small takes on gigantic proportions and the infinitely large is within arm’s reach. In its impressive program of activities stretching out over the four seasons, Space for Life offers teaching, exhibits, events and dynamic demonstrations that encourage us more than ever to strengthen our ties with nature and to treat it with greater respect. Come closer and enjoy a one-of-a-kind, larger-than-life experience – a fascinating journey for young and old!

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