Backstage at the traveling exhibitions

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Backstage at the traveling exhibitions

The Insectarium’s traveling exhibitions have been touring for a number of years. Over the thousands of kilometers traveled they have represented the values of the Montréal Insectarium and circulated scientific concepts from the fascinating world of insects. To date, nine traveling exhibitions have been conceptualized and produced. Several themes have been used, and all the exhibits have showcased magnificent specimens. The exhibition We Are the Insects, the Insectarium’s latest creation to hit the road, has been enjoying great success with visitors since its first presentation in 2014. Made up of a number of vivariums sheltering different living species and naturalized collections hailing from the four corners of the world, the fascinating exhibit presents insects as superheroes. Intended primarily for 9 to 12 year olds and their families, this exhibition contributes to advancing one of the missions of the Insectarium, namely the importance of protecting our biodiversity.

From promotion through assembly: teamwork all the way

Coordinating the exhibits is a complex job carried out by a number of people. The work is done jointly by the Friends and the Insectarium, and the focus is on visitor satisfaction. The first step is finding spots to host the exhibits. The Friends of the Insectarium devote themselves primarily to that task. Throughout the year, promotion of the exhibitions makes the rounds of cultural institutions. The Friends coordinate sales logistics and ensure good relations with exhibit hosts.

A few days before the exhibit leaves, the display modules are checked by a museum technician. He confirms the quality of the materials and sees to any necessary repairs. He will be responsible for mounting the exhibition, and has to concern himself with the slightest details. During this period an entomology technician prepares the vivariums, installing the plants and soil in order to re-create the natural environment of the species being presented. The insects will be introduced into it a few hours before their departure. The last stage of the preparation involves the naturalized insects. These are fragile and have to be handled with care. The person in charge of collections confirms that they are in good condition and arranges them in their drawers, ready for transportation.

If you’d like more information about the traveling exhibitions, feel free to get in touch with the Friends of the Insectarium: [email protected]

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