Christelle Roy-Corbin

Christelle Roy-Corbin
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Christelle Roy-Corbin

A lover of wildlife, exotic animals, zoos and birds for as long as she could remember, Christelle had no doubts about focusing on zoological medicine at the start of her studies at University of Montreal about going for her doctorate in veterinary medicine there. She then did further training in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (including acupuncture), and is currently winding up her master’s degree in research dealing with the effects of Chinese Medicine on the stress felt by species in a zoo setting.

Christelle built up her experience in exotic-animal clinics, in collaborating with different wildlife refuges and small zoos, and by being a practicing falconer. She has also taught zoological medicine and animal behavior to students of animal health techniques.

In 2017 she became a member of the team of the Space for Life division of living collections, research and scientific development as a clinical veterinarian. Driven by a constant duality between science and the arts, she next collaborated on research in that same division in June 2018. She focuses primarily on animal wellbeing, in addition to clinical studies This position allows her to satisfy both her endless curiosity and her creativity.

Christelle Roy-Corbin is a veterinarian and a researcher with the Biodôme’s division of living collections and research.

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