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Stink bugs are of extraterrestrial origin and with demonic influence, no joke. Look at that thing, how it moves, even caterpillars have more personality! And you can't even see their eyes! This shit, this is how they operate. They let us make own mistakes and step in to offer some kind of "solution", even though the mistakes we made were started by them. Chemicals? Yeah, that shit doesn't work, since they were specifically genetically bred to resist that, huh? Like, if it's an alien problem, it requires alien solutions, and just look at that parasitoid wasp, how could ANY BODY possibly assume it's of this earth?! Just look at it! But it's good, because aliens are aliens, not full monsters, just partial. When they bred with us, is when they got the capability to be fully monstrous, to wreck absolute mayhem with no awareness of what they're doing.