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Pam Ososky

I will never forget when I was about 17 (about 45 years ago). I was driving through rural Pennsylvania at dusk and came across this huge tree covered with what I now know were monarchs. It was the most spectacular sight I had ever seen. I was by myself with no one to share it with and of course there were no cell phones at that time to take a picture, but the picture remains in my mind as vivid as ever! It wasn't until I began working in my little school which teaches about the monarchs all through the grades that I realized what I had seen. I am now an avid pollinator plant person with a huge 800 ft pollinator garden in the front of my little school and many more in my own gardens. This year has been the most monarchs I have seen come through and I am hopeful that it is because of the interest people are taking to protect our pollinators and butterflies!