Face-to-face with a researcher: Jacques Dancosse

Face-to-face with a researcher: Jacques Dancosse

This week we offer a face-to-face with Jacques Dancosse, research and animal-conservation veterinarian at the Montréal Biodôme. Dr. Dancosse invites us to the final stage in his research project on the conservation of the striped chorus frog: releasing animals into their natural environment.

For two years, this species, designated vulnerable in Québec, has benefited from a research and conservation project that led Dr. Dancosse and the Biodôme team to breed it in their laboratories. Everything went off successfully, and it’s now time to recolonize the natural habitat.

Follow the Biodôme team to a wetland in St-Constant, where adults, baby frogs and tadpoles will help sustain the species!

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