Face-to-face with a researcher Nathalie Rose Le François

Face-to-face with a researcher Nathalie Rose Le François

Hidden behind the scenes are people who cultivate the art of understanding and taking care of living things. Through short video-clips, discover our impassioned experts.

Biodôme expertise wanted – in the Antarctic!

We present a face-to-face with Nathalie Rose Le François, researcher and scientific advisor at the Montréal Biodôme. Ms. Le François is getting ready to exchange Québec springtime for the Antarctic winter, where for five months she’ll be taking part in two American research programs. Her goal? Help the team of researchers complete the life cycle of Antarctic fish, in captivity. The aim of that operation is to study the effects of climate change on the embryonic development of those fish. She was recruited thanks to the great expertise on life support systems for cold-water fish she’s amassed at the Biodôme and at other research institutions. This third mission in the Antarctic is the final attempt to complete the life cycle of those fish in captivity.

To learn more about Nathalie’s work in the Antarctic and her life at the Palmer research station, you can read her previous blogs.

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