Face-to-face with a veterinarian: Jacques Dancosse

Face-to-face with a veterinarian: Jacques Dancosse

Behind the scenes at our institutions, there are all kinds of individuals who cultivate the art of understanding and caring for our live collections. These avid experts invite you to share their passions in these short videos.

Saving the western chorus frog

This week, we’re meeting Jacques Dancosse, animal conservation and research veterinarian at the Montréal Biodôme. Dr. Dancosse invites us into his laboratory, where the western chorus frogs will serenade us!

Last spring, Jacques Dancosse, who is also an animal behaviour expert, and the Biodome team managed for the second straight year to breed these frogs, which are listed as vulnerable in Quebec. The goal is to eventually release them into the wild.

We’re sure you’ll be charmed by his enthusiasm, as he explains how he managed to breed the smallest of our frogs in Quebec.

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