Five reasons for environmentally-friendly gardening in 2018

Bobolink (Dolichonyx orizyvorus)
Credit: Espace pour la vie (Raymond Belhumeur)
Goglu des prés (Dolichonyx orizyvorus)
Five reasons for environmentally-friendly gardening in 2018

When we think of a garden, we imagine brightly colored flowers, dark-green leaves and an oasis of peace. Why would anyone want an “imperfect” place, where the foliage has been munched on by insects, where bees forage and where birds drop by for a visit? Here are five good reasons for wanting one.

1. It’s better for your health

“Perfect” results have their dark side: the excessive use of insecticides and herbicides. Those products make their way into the soil, and into plants and their leaves, petals and fruit. When we pick a bouquet or eat a food, we’re touching or ingesting those chemical ingredients.

2. You’re protecting biodiversity (and saving time)

A garden is a living place. Controlling the insects in it is harmful to biodiversity (as well as taking up an awful lot of time). Nature finds a balance, but sometimes you have to show a little patience. Are aphids chewing on your leaves? Lady bugs will turn up soon to feast on them.

3. You have better soil

Chemical fertilizers don’t contribute to the life of the earth, unlike natural enrichers such as compost, which have to decompose in order to release their nutrients. And we know today that that biological health is essential in guaranteeing soil fertility, limiting the presence of pests and promoting soil structure.

4. You waste less water

More and more, periods of high heat are forcing towns to regulate water use. This is obviously the time when plants need water the most. The trick is to collect rainwater or to promote water retention in the soil.

5. Consuming…and choosing

We know that our consumption choices have an impact on the environment. By gardening sustainably, we contribute to changing perceptions of what nature and a beautiful garden should be.

In addition, above and beyond citizen involvement, responsible consumption influences the behaviors of businesses and promotes revision of regulations in favor of the environment and of consumer rights. It is new consumption habits and the small daily actions we take that in the end will have far-reaching effects on our society.

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