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Maxim Larrivée
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Maxim Larrivée

Maxim Larrivée has a master’s degree in landscape ecology from Carleton University in Ottawa and a doctorate in entomology from McGill University. He specializes in the study of the impacts of natural and human-produced perturbations on the biodiversity of certain groups of arthropods, including spiders, beetles and butterflies. He combines several innovative approaches to biodiversity monitoring, including participatory science and more recently artificial intelligence.

He’s the designer of eButterfly, a citizen-scientist participation project aimed at tracking over the long term the distribution of Canada’s butterflies in the context of global changes. Maxim is also interested in the management of information pertaining to biodiversity in Canada as well as in the development of educational tools designed to raise awareness in young people about entomology, climate change and the use of Web tools processing information on biodiversity.

He has also set up an insect monitoring network in Quebec's Great North in collaboration with the Nunavik regional government, the Nunavik Riverkeeper project, where young people from Inuit communities are trained and hired to monitor insect pollinators in their communities.

Since 2012, Maxim Larrivée has held the position of Division Head, Entomological Collections and Insectarium Research. In 2019, he was appointed director of the Montreal Insectarium.

Maxim Larrivée is director of the Montréal Insectarium.

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