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About the Biosphère

The geodesic dome of the Biosphère
Biosphère of Montreal

A place for dialogue and action

The Biosphère de Montréal is a dynamic and inclusive place that brings together science, art, and citizen action like nowhere else. Just like the other Espace pour la vie museums, it inspires people to live in harmony with nature, and to take action for its protection.

The Biosphère encourages dialogue toward preserving our environment and its biodiversity, through powerful themes inspired by its particular location between forest, river and city, on the enchanting site of Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Sainte-Hélène. Through artistic, scientific and civic exhibitions as well as events and mediation activities, the museum strives to bring together all forms of knowledge, valuing both indigenous and academic knowledge. In step with the seasons, the museum also welcomes researchers and artists-in-residence in order to touch and inform people, provide them with tools, and inspire action.

Worthy heir to Buckminster Fuller and Sadao

An architectural emblem of Montréal since the 1967 World’s Fair, the Biosphère de Montréal became a museum dedicated to the environment in 1995 and joined the Espace pour la vie museum complex in April 2021.

At the core of its geodesic dome designed by Richard Buckminster Fuller and Shoji Sadao, the Biosphère perpetuates the vision of these precursors of contemporary environmental thinking. By encouraging connections between disciplines, it makes us realize what we have in common and encourages us to imagine futures filled with hope.

In this way, the Biosphère is a democratic space where ideas flow freely—a place that harnesses our collective potential to be a force for change. Check out our calendar of events to make sure you don’t miss out on our extensive program.

The governments of Canada and Quebec and the City of Montreal are each investing an equal amount of $15 million over five years to ensure a promising future for North America's only museum of the environment.

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