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Celebrations of Entomophilia

Hortus formica
Photo: Insectarium de Montréal (Drowster)
Hortus formica
  • Hortus formica
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  • Bivouac
  • Spectacle MUTEK
  • Claudia Chan Tak

Since the new Insectarium opened, it has been putting on a series of events in various cultural venues around Montréal. The aim: to encourage appreciation of the insects that are essential in maintaining the balance of nature and our well-being.

Celebrations of Entomophilia* aims to inspire artists from different disciplines to share their discoveries and vision with us. The Insectarium thus hopes to change our relationship with insects in a positive way and make us all agents of change in the preservation of this indispensable biodiversity.

To date, Celebrations of Entomophilia has given rise to creations in visual arts, music and gastronomy . . . and a new dance work is coming soon!

Celebrating Entomophilia through dance

The Insectarium, in collaboration with the Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM), is currently hosting multidisciplinary artist Claudia Chan Tak for a six-month residency. Trained in the visual arts and contemporary dance, Claudia aims to explore her Madagascan origins and understand the country of her ancestors through the prism of insects. The work combines installation, movement and video projection.

Claudia’s residency will run until September 2024 at the Insectarium and CAM studios, culminating in a public performance this fall. More details on dates and venue to come soon.

Entomophilia stories

Each work created through the Celebrations is presented in a video or podcast, documenting the artist’s creative process and how their way of looking at insects has changed.

Listen to or watch the entomophilia stories here: (in French only)

*What is entomophilia?

In the context of the new Insectarium, inspired by biophilia, we are giving a new meaning to the term entomophilia, namely the love, respect and appreciation of insects.

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