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Claire Vasseur

Claire Vasseur
 Claire Vasseur

B.Sc. Agriculture, Plant Science major, 1985.

M.Sc. Biology, 1990.

AGD in GIS (Geographic Information System), in progress.

Research interests and expertise

  • Agriculture
  • Forest soil fertility
  • Plant-soil interaction
  • Participatory research

About my work...

Trained as a biologist, I have been working since 1993 at the Biodôme, where I have long carried out forest soil analyzes with students and trainees. Today, I coordinate and develop participative and educational programs related to the conservation of local biodiversity. Overall, these programs include partners, schools and the general public. For the latter, I create activities with simple and relevant protocols so that participants, especially students, can think for themselves. One of my conservation projects, La forêt m'invite, a rural project, aims to raise the awareness of high school students by planting wild leek in a maple forest, wild leek being a vulnerable species in Quebec. Students perform soil tests at the Biodôme before planting. A more recent project is the urban forest at Parc Mackenzie-King in Montreal. This park has a diversity of trees and understory plants threatened by a competitive invasive plant, the buckthorn. The goal is to involve young people in concrete actions. By intervening in their neighborhood, they tackle a problem that directly affects them. The struggle involves regular control of buckthorn: we cut it, while reforesting with native (local) plants to limit its spread.

Why I like my work...

Regardless of the topics discussed or people met, the learning process is continuous. Being close to nature, all these projects fascinate me! The transmission of knowledge is at the core of my job and I enjoy my exchanges with the public, especially the young ones. The ultimate goal is to arouse in them a commitment to the protection of their environment. It's rewarding to be in contact with them, I see things differently and they push me further in my thinking.

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