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Connect with nature this winter

Connect with nature this winter – from the comfort of your home
Connect with nature this winter

Marvel at the wonders of nature from the comfort of your own home this winter.

Whether it’s up in the sky or down on the ground, nature is an integral part of the winter—an endless source of wonder for everyone. Discover family and friends activities to enjoy remotely, videos and reading materials whether you’re into plants, insects, animals or astronomy.

What to do this winter


Space for life quizzes »
Get together virtually and test your knowledge on the universe of the Biodôme, the Insectarium, the Jardin botanique and the Planétarium. Pick one of our four quizzes, take the challenge to your friends or family and play simultaneously!

Cooking up a comet »
Create a comet in your kitchen with your whole family by following this easy recipe.

Get the sky on your cellphone »
With one click, you can leave planet Earth and reach for the stars. Here are some cellphone app suggestions for identifying planets, constellations and other wonders in the night sky.

Check out the northern lights »
Is there a way of knowing ahead of time whether a given night will be good for seeing the northern lights? Get up to speed and discover the latest forecasting apps.

Plants in wintertime

Make your poinsettia blush again

Make your poinsettia blush again »
Here are the steps to follow to keep your poinsettia and make it turn red again.

Caring for indoor plants in the wintertime »
Winter is a difficult season for many indoor plants. Here’s a guide to diagnosing their symptoms, along with some things you can try to help them recover.

A tree in wintertime »
What do trees do to get through the cold season?

Horticulture: Winter's most popular questions »
Five major horticultural questions arise in wintertime. Can you answer them?

Insects in wintertime

Bouton - Where do insects go in winter?

Where do insects go in winter? »
Do insects leave for warmer climates? If not, where do they hide over the long winter months?

How do insects survive the winter? »
Find out what tricks arthropods have developed to get through the cold season.

Animals in wintertime

Bouton - What’s the difference between “hibernation” and “overwintering”

What’s the difference between “hibernation” and “overwintering” »
Animals that hibernate in winter spend their days very differently from animals that overwinter. Learn what these two terms mean.

Helping birds survive the winter »
Did you know you can give birds a hand to help them survive the rigours of winter? Discover a few ways you can help them make it through to springtime.

Winter in the sky

Winter’s sky of 2020-2021 »
Our astronomical information bulletin The Pocket Planetarium highlights the most striking celestial events of the coming months.

What’s in the sky this month »
Watch what the sky has in store for you this month: observation of the planets, constellations and astronomical phenomena.

Planets currently visible to the naked eye »
To locate the planets with the naked eye, discover the exact moment when it will be possible to admire them.

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