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Eco-friendly events

In all its initiatives and activities, Espace pour la vie follows the principles of sustainable development. This commitment is part of its desire to get people to shift their lifestyle toward a model of accountability and sustainability that is inspirational for all. All our activities revolve around nature: it’s our raison d’être, our motivation and our source of inspiration. In managing its facilities and operations in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, Espace pour la vie is setting an example from which people can draw inspiration and that can help them reconnect with nature. From this standpoint, Espace pour la vie wants to encourage users of its rooms to plan greener events by adopting responsible management practices.


Espace pour la vie would like to set a frame of reference for the holding of ecofriendly events and criteria for determining the obligations of event organizers, based on best practices spelled out in the standard on responsible event management (BNQ 9700-253/2010).

More specifically, the objectives of responsible event management are:

  • Mitigate the adverse impacts of the event, in particular on the environment (reduction in waste generated, greenhouse gases [GHG] emitted, natural resources used, etc.);
  • Enhance the social and economic benefits of events (local or fair trade, employment support, reintegration, accessibility, etc.);
  • Have a knock-on effect on partners, event promoters and suppliers that fosters responsible event management;
  • Help promote the principles of sustainable development.


Espace pour la vie is targeting five specific areas of activity that are directly related to the organization of ecofriendly events:

  • Procurement and suppliers
  • Food
  • Residual waste management
  • Transportation and GHGs
  • Communications

For each area of activity, a list of criteria has been drawn up, and ways of meeting them are suggested in the Guide d’accompagnement – Planifier un événement écoresponsable [Guide to planning an ecofriendly event], which will be given to lessees when they sign the rental contract.


A two-level tracking system will be set up to determine whether ecofriendly targets have been achieved.

  1. The Espace pour la vie event officers assigned to lessees will draw up a report on the ecofriendly measures noted during the event and submit it to the rental department.
  2. The rental department will send the lessees a post-event survey questionnaire to find out their level of satisfaction with the rented spaces and their level of achievement of the ecofriendly targets.

This follow-up will enable Espace pour la vie not only to assess the results achieved, but also to propose ways to improve that will further reduce the environmental impact of the events organized on its premises.

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