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Emiko Wong

Emiko Wong
Emiko Wong

About my work…

I am a clinical veterinarian and scientific advisor on animal welfare. At the Biodôme, I don’t just look after the animals when they’re sick, but focus on keeping them healthy and happy.

My greatest dream has always been to communicate directly with animals. Since that’s not possible, I’m interested in developing tools or techniques to allow us to understand their language – what they express and what we are able to perceive.  While it’s harder for stoic species like reptiles and fish, it’s just as important as for them as it is for the lynx and beavers. I want to include all our residents.

I recently started a research project with Nathalie Le François, our fish physiology expert. The Gulf of St. Lawrence ecosystem is special, with 2.5 million litres of saltwater that we produce to mimic seawater. Some of the fish that live in it are Atlantic wolffish and spotted wolffish. We want to find out whether the water quality parameters that we maintain (hormone, nitrate and other concentrations) are the best for these two species that don’t always adapt well to life in captivity.  

Why I like research

I’ve always been drawn to the environment and wildlife. I spend my time off in nature and on the water, far away from the big city. I really care about the Biodôme’s mission. Zoos around the globe are very involved in preserving natural habitats. They have real expertise and are always sending their experts out into the field to launch and assist with conservation efforts. 

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