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Blooms of the week

Spanish moss and epiphytic plants in the Tropical Rainforest Greenhouse
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Michel Tremblay)
Tropical Rainforest Greenhouse
  • Tropical Rainforest Greenhouse
  • Carica papaya, fruits
  • Musa sp.
  • Crassula ovata
  • Guzmania lingulata var. cardinalis 'Superb'
  • Oncidium Twinkle g. 'Fragrance Fantasy' SQ /JOGA'
  • Platycerium superbum
  • Euphorbia pulcherrima 'Jingle Bells 3'
  • Alpinia purpurata

    Hospitality Greenhouse

    • Insectivorous plants in the terrariums.
    • Flowers: pineapple ginger, heliconias, torch-ginger, tailflowers, aloe and more.
    • Fruit: screw pine.


  • Bromeliads

    Tropical Rainforest Greenhouse

    • Flowers: Bromeliads, some orchids, lollypop plant, Mexican shrimp plant, Mysore clock vine, Amazon lily, spider lily, and more.  
    • Colourful leafs carpet the ground and Spanish moss serves as a backdrop


  • Citrus reticulata

    Tropical Food Plants Greenhouse

    • Fruits: cacao tree, banana tree, starfruit tree, papaya, jackfruit tree, pineapple, tangelo and more.
    • Flowers : cacao tree, soursop tree


  • Cymbidium (Gorey 'Trinity' AM/RHS x Maufant 'Rozel' FCC/RHS).

    Orchids and Aroids Greenhouse

    • Spectacularly shaped and coloured orchids; a natural masterpiece! 
    • Some aroids are also in bloom, such as tailflowers and peace lilies.
    • Giant leaves of some aroids
    • Beautiful orchids in the showcase
  • General view of the Ferns Greenhouse

    Ferns Greenhouse

    • Fascinating staghorn ferns.
    • Spectacular tree ferns.
    • All shades of green with a touch of pinkinsh and bluish.
  • Begonia 'Richmondensis'

    Begoniaceae and Gesneriads Greenhouse

    • Foliage of various shapes, textures and colours.
    • Colourful blooms: begonias, basket plant, chandelier plant, goldfish plant, passion flowers and more.
    • Beautiful plant walls.
    • Pitchers of the tropical pitcher plant.
  • Arid Regions Greenhouse

    Arid Regions Greenhouse

    • Flowers: gasteria, aloe, crown of thorns, star cactus, drimiopsis and more.
    • Fruits: Barbados gooseberry, cudjoewood and opuntias.
    • Large cones of the poor man's cycad.
    • Impressive Elephant foot trees
  • Overview of the Hacienda


    • Strange caudiciform plants.
    • Climbing onion ressembling asparagus.
    • Inconspicuous succulent plants in the showcase
  • Penjings in the Garden of Weedlessness

    Garden of Weedlessness

    • Beautiful penjings (miniaturized trees in pots) with spring foliage.
    • Common camellia in bloom.
    • Banksian rose soon in flower
  • Calliandra haematocephala.

    Main Exhibition Greenhouse

    The Main exhibition greenhouse is presently closed