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Friends of the Montréal Insectarium

Photo: Espace pour la vie (André Sarrazin)

Support the Friends of the Insectarium de Montréal. Become a member today and enjoy the many benefits.

Founded in 1991, the Friends of the Insectarium's mission is to promote appreciation of the world of insects through cultural, educational, scientific and civic activities.

They support the mission of the Insectarium de Montréal and collaborate in its activities both on and off site. In this perspective, they play a significant role in the swarming of interests around the world of insects by animating a network of ambassadors made up of the curious, amateurs and enthusiasts.

The Friends of the Insectarium are proud to be agents of change and participate in the ecological transition in order to reconnect humans to nature through insects.

Visit the Friends of the Montréal Insectarium website (in French)

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