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Spring sandwort

  • Lawns and Ground Covers
Spring sandwort
Photo: John Illingworth
Arenaria verna



Origin and description

Carpet-forming habit
Blooms: white, May
Foliage: moss-green
Height: 5 cm
Spacing: 30-45 cm

Species, cultivars and related plants

See also 'Aurea' cultivar

Common name

Spring sandwort

Latin name (genus)

Sabulina verna (syn. Minuartia verna, Arenaria verna)

English common name

French common name

Botanical family

  • Caryophyllaceae

Growing conditions

Exposure: full sun, partial shade

Growth: moderate

Tolerates dry soil

Easy to grow?

Quite invasive: stems root as soon as they touch soil (they form stolons).

Regular snow cover is all the winter protection it needs.

Pruning and maintenance

In the spring, gently tamp down the plants raised by the freeze-thaw cycle.


A single plant can be divided into several pieces during the growing season.


Rock gardens - Ground covers - Low walls - Walkways


  • Zone 2

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Pests and diseases
Physiological disorders

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