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Tufted hairgrass

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Deschampsia cespitosa
Photo: Marilee Lovit
Deschampsia cespitosa



Origin and description

Perennial grass native to Québec. It forms tufts of narrow leaves, dark green, topped off in the summer by misty blooms evocative of clouds. Greenish at first, the flower heads will turn straw yellow. This grass likes damp soils.

Height: 45 to 60 cm (foliage); up to 120 cm (inflorescences)
Width: 40 to 60 cm
Flowering: greenish becoming straw-colored, July to September
Attractions for wildlife: attracts birds

Common name

Tufted hairgrass

Latin name (genus)

Deschampsia cespitosa

English common name

French common name

Botanical family

  • Poaceae

Growing conditions

Exposure: sun, semi-shade, shade; flowering more abundant in the sun
Soil type: fresh, damp, rich; does not tolerate drought
Hardiness: zone 1
Observation: self-reseeds

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