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Henry Teuscher Award - Applications

Vue générale du jardin du sous-bois

Submission deadline: March 28, 2021

As part of its annual Great Gardening Weekend, the Jardin botanique de Montréal recognizes the excellence of people working in the world of horticulture. In that regard, since 1999 the Henry Teuscher Award has been presented to a person whose achievements represent a significant contribution to the advancement of horticulture in Québec.


Eligibility criteria

The candidate must have contributed to the development of ornamental horticulture for several years. More specifically, the eligibility criteria for the Henry Teuscher Award are:

  • having demonstrated, for several years, an active involvement in Québec horticulture;
  • having shown a spirit of initiative, innovation and creativity in his or her work;
  • having contributed to the development of knowledge and advancement of learning in horticulture through research;
  • having contributed to education, whether through popularization, teaching, or the oral or written dissemination of horticultural knowledge;
  • having raised citizens’ awareness regarding the preservation of natural habitats and the value of biodiversity

Registration procedure and required documents

To submit a nomination, please fill out the registration form down below and append a file of no more than three pages including the following items:

  • a short text describing the candidate’s primary accomplishments;
  • a short text describing how the candidate has contributed in a meaningful way to the advancement of horticulture in Québec;
  • the candidate’s curriculum vitae.

The award will be bestowed during the Jardin botanique de Montréal’s Great Gardening Weekend.


Renowned horticulturist, botanist and landscape architect Henry Teuscher (1891-1984) dreamed of creating the ideal botanical garden—a dream he realized between 1931 and 1962. A passionate visionary, he designed the Jardin botanique de Montréal in close cooperation with its founder, Brother Marie-Victorin. We owe the design of several exhibition greenhouses and the existence of some of the Garden’s great botanical collections to him.

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